Feb. 3rd, 2011

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a few weeks ago, i made a post with the lyrics to "Texas Hold 'Em" by No Particular Night...or Mourning, a song that i've known since 2003 or so, but haven't heard since 2006, when my last backup of the song died in a little accident involving my purse, my minidiscs, and a container of tasty, delicious (and unfortunately melted) Ted Drewes.

[livejournal.com profile] jenius08 saw this post on Livejournal and, unbeknownst to me, tossed out a question to see if anyone on Reddit had heard of the band or the song. a little while later, Alan, one of the members of the band, responded to the post! she got the two of us in touch, and he sent me not only that song, but all the music the band ever recorded.

:D :D :D

in short, i just wanted to say a big thanks to both of you. <3 you're awesome, and have both given me the chance to hear music i thought i'd never, ever hear again in any medium except for my own recollections.
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a quick and easy guide to staying warm in Chicago:

  1. read a bunch of articles and news reports that say the temperature is going to be -17 in the morning, and the wind chill -35.
  2. remember that the last time you were outside, and the wind chill was in the -30s, it felt like your entire face was going to freeze off within seconds--even under a scarf.
  3. spend the entire evening bracing to face that kind of cold again.
  4. step outside.
  5. wait a minute.
  6. notice that your face is not freezing off.
  7. bask in the tropical glow.

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